Reading novels is indeed fun. Especially when we enjoy the storyline presented by the author neatly in it. One of the most famous writers in Indonesia is Tere Liye. There are countless Tere Liye novels that are liked by readers. In addition to his slick and neat writing, the storyline of his novels is also always interesting for us to follow.

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On this occasion, we will discuss a series of novels by Tere Liye that might be a recommendation and reference for your reading friends when you are free. Right off the bat, let’s discuss the recommendations for the best novels by Tere Liye.  Let’s check it out!

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Tere Liye’s Most Read Novel and Has the Most Interesting Storyline

Tere Liye’s Novel Recommendations For Your Reading Friends in Your Spare Time: A Round-Trip Series

In the first order of Tere Liye’s novels, which is quite interesting, there is a novel in the Round-Trip series. This novel is actually a trilogy ranging from Return, Leaving, and Returning which tells the life of a Bachelor character.  Bujang is a man who originally lived in the jungles of Sumatra and was adopted by Tauke Besar to live as a hitman there.

Bujang was educated and trained by The Big Tauke until he finally became the leader of the Tong Family and played in the shadow economy of the world.  This Round-Trip series tells the story of Bujang’s life as a child to become a Big Tauke by fighting traitors and enemies of the Tong Family. The storyline is interesting for those of you who like to read action novels.

Tere Liye’s Novel Recommendations For Your Reading Friends in Your Spare Time: The Moon Sinks in Your Face

As a recommendation for Tere Liye’s next novel, The Moon Sinks in Your Face is one of the best essays from Tere Liye. This novel tells the life of an orphan named Ray who lives in an orphanage. However, because the caretaker of the orphanage behaves very maliciously, making Ray run away from the orphanage and live in a fairly cruel capital.

Hoping for a better life, Ray tried to find answers to the five questions in his mind when staring at the moon.  Ray interprets his ups and downs to life as indeterminate and causes him frustration. Tere Liye invites readers to interpret the true meaning of life through this novel very well. Of course, we must read when we are relaxed.

Tere Liye’s Novel Recommendations For Your Reading Friends in Your Spare Time: Memorization of Delisa Prayers

This is a novel by Tere Liye which is quite famous and has been made into a film. Memorization of Delisa Prayer tells the story of a young child named Delisa who lives in Lhok Nga, Aceh, with Ummi and her three older siblings. Once when Delisa was doing the practice of memorizing prayers, a large-magnitude earthquake hit Aceh and caused a tsunami.

The tsunami of December 26, 2004 hit the body of Delisa and the entire population on the coast of Aceh. Roll it all up to the point of being unstoppable. However, due to the memorization of the prayer, Delisa survived even though her leg had to be amputated. This novel makes a lot of readers shed tears when reading every string of sentences written by Tere Liye because it feels so real of course.

This is a reference to Tere Liye’s novel reading that you can read when you are free. There are lots of novels by Tere Lliye that are no less good than the three titles above, you can also read all of Tere Liye’s other works.