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Leenan Group Inc.
P.O. Box 65
Inglewood, ON
L7C 3L6

OFFICE: (905) 587-0006
CELL: (416) 881-3302
EMAIL: leenangroupinc@aol.com

Paul Harper
Project Director

Lee Maslin
Project Director

Mission Statement
To Serve Our Clients With Total Integrity.
To Create Stress-Free Ownership Of Properties.
To Minimize Expenses And Enhance Property Income.
To Communicate Openly At All Times With Our Clients.
To Grow Long Term Relationships With Tenants And Owners.

Tenant management
Good management begins with tenant management. The management of properties can be time consuming and problematic for an owner if a competent management firm is not retained. Leenan Group addresses all issues that impact the tenant and owner to facilitate a positive relationship that will contribute to a stable occupancy rate and property value.

Rent Collection
Leenan Group, with significant experience and effective management skill, supervises our clients’ rent collections, resolves any delay in payments and coordinates with legal representation in the event that eviction is necessary. We are in the business of saving building owners time and money.

Property maintenance
Maintenance of common areas, grounds and mechanical items are a must in all properties. In commercial properties, performing tenant improvements quickly and in a cost effective way can result in decreased vacancy rates and result in thousands of dollars of reduced costs. We have a team of skilled maintenance and janitorial personnel that provide prompt, reliable service that save our clients money.

One of the greatest benefits of Leenan Group service is the security of knowing that your bills are being paid on time. Our capable accounts receivable and accounts payable staff coordinate all your recurring expenses, loan payments, tax, insurance and capital improvement expenses and recovers reimbursements from escrow accounts when applicable.At the end of each month these expenses are tracked in the Leenan Group bookkeeping system to provide an accurate accounting of how your money is being spent. In addition both written and verbal reports are provided on a frequent basis to our owners.





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